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weight loss surgery new york
weight loss surgery new york
weight loss surgery new york
weight loss surgery new york
weight loss surgery new york
weight loss surgery new york

The Center for Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery in New York

Dr. Dominick Artuso was the first surgeon in Westchester County to dedicate his entire practice solely to bariatric surgery and the medical management of obesity. A board certified surgeon widely known for his expertise in minimally invasive LapBand, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures, Dr. Artuso founded the New Image Surgical Weight Loss Center in Dobbs Ferry in 2002 to give patients the best possible medical and surgical options for treating obesity. With expanded locations the practice is now called The Center for Bariatric Surgery and services patients throughout Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess and Putnam Counties and beyond.

The Center for Bariatric Surgery's philosophy is to take a team approach to patient care, employing a highly trained staff who can provide top quality, ongoing care to every patient. For the comfort and convenience of patients, The Center for Bariatric Surgery can streamline the pre-operative process by arranging for all required pre-surgical evaluations which may include nutritional, psychological, cardiac, and pulmonary clearances. The Center for Bariatric Surgery offers several sites of service providing flexibility and convenience for all patients. Financing is available for patients that do not have bariatric coverage as part of their health insurance benefit.


We will help you determine your specific eligibility requirements.

Do You Know Your BMI?

Although some people question whether Body Mass Index (BMI) is the best and most accurate way to determine whether someone is considered Normal Weight, Overweight or Obese, it remains the most important measurement in the eyes of insurance companies when they determine whether someone is eligible for bariatric surgery. Although each insurance provider has a different policy which is subject to change, the general rule of thumb to qualify for surgery is as follows:


  • BMI 35-39.9 with one obesity related comorbidity that can include but may not be limited to Type II Diabetes, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, and/or Hypertension

  • BMI greater than or equal to 40



Weight Loss Options 

Gastric Sleeve /
Robotic Gastric Sleeve




LapBand to Gastric Sleeve Revision



Band Over Gastric Bypass Revision



Endoscopic Revisions for Gastric Bypass Weight Regain


Orbera Non-Surgical Weight Loss System



More Than




More Than






Dr. Dominick Artuso

Bariatric Surgeon


Founder of New Image Surgical Weight Loss / The Center for Bariatric Surgery

"Obesity impacts every aspect of one's life. My team and I are passionate about being involved with every patient and seeing the best result from weight loss surgery we can provide. Weight loss surgery improves people's lives and it is very rewarding that I get to be a part of that." - Dr. Artuso


Hours Vary by Location

The Center for Bariatric Surgery offers financing:

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